It's easy to make a good impression.

Savvy professionals understand the value of professional career documents–cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, thank you letters, and more–to highlight their skills and accomplishments while incorporating keywords and maximizing visual appeal.

What most successful professionals fail to mention is that they hire a certified resume writer to give them a competitive edge.

The resume purpose is to capture attention and secure an interview.

It’s important for professionals to provide a concise, professional summary of their relevant skills and accomplishments so that hiring managers can quickly match a candidate’s skills to the organization’s needs.

Resume Value

Selling your skills and abilities can be a challenge. Telling a career story in concise, persuasive writing style can be difficult. Even talented, intelligent professionals find it daunting to write a resume.

With a 15+ year marketing career, 9+ years writing thousands of professional documents, attending conferences, continuous education, and resume writing certifications, I’ve fine-tuned my writing talents. The result is a smooth process that quickly and easily captures achievements and produces quality documents.

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Service Information

Working with a certified resume writer is a smart career investment, saving you time and resources. My service process includes guidance and support to build confidence, resulting in professional career documents. Resume services include:

  • Service agreement

  • Career questionnaire

  • A 60-minute career meeting

  • Customized cover letter

  • Accomplishment-rich resume or curriculum vitae

  • Edit sessions

Still unsure? Take a moment to do some budgeting and to understand the investment benefits of a quality resume.

If your annual salary is $60,000  that's $5,000 a month and approximately $1,154 a week. How much your time is worth? 

Every week of job searching or unemployment is lost money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using a professionally written resume can accelerate your networking and application efforts.

If you are ready to have a resume that gets attention from hiring managers, contact me.


Service Packages & Prices

Essential Resume Service includes a service agreement, questionnaire, and a 60-minute information meeting, resulting in a targeted cover letter and custom professional résumé. Service includes edit sessions for an investment of $795.

Professional Brand Service includes a service agreement, questionnaire, and meeting, resulting in a targeted cover letter, résumé, a customized LinkedIn profile, and professional interview thank you letter to effectively communicate your unique brand for an investment of $1,225.

Executive Portfolio Service provides a complete service package of career documents. The service includes an agreement, questionnaire, and 90-minute meeting resulting in a customized cover letter, targeted résumé, bio, professional LinkedIn profile, and an interview thank you letter, as well as content edit sessions for an investment of $1,555.

Curriculum Vitae Service includes a service agreement, questionnaire, and 60-minute meeting, resulting in a professional and targeted cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV) providing a comprehensive summary of your experience skills, accomplishments, presentations, publications, and more.  The service includes two edit sessions for an investment of $955.

Dual Résumé Service is perfect for professionals with two distinct job aims and includes a service agreement, questionnaire, and meeting, resulting in two targeted cover letters and two professional résumés for an investment of $1095.


Examples & Certifications