Curriculum Vitae 

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a career document that includes qualifications, work experience, achievements, publications, presentations and more.

In the United States, most employment opportunities ask for a resume. However, some industries, such as higher education and medical, may request a CV in order to gather more comprehensive information from candidates.

The comprehensive professional CV service includes:

  • Service agreement

  • Career questionnaire including research, publication, and other key sections

  • a 60-minute career meeting

  • Customized cover letter

  • Accomplishment-rich CV

  • Edit sessions


Essential Curriculum Vitae Service includes a service agreement, questionnaire, and 60-minute meeting, resulting in a professional and targeted cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV) providing a comprehensive summary of your experience skills, accomplishments, presentations, publications, and more.  The service includes two edit sessions for an investment of $955.

Curriculum Vitae Service Updates must have content that meets my quality standards. Please inquire about this service to learn more. The service provides a document refresh and includes a service agreement and questionnaire, resulting in a modern, focused curriculum vitae.


“Thank you so much for your help, Ruth. My CV looks perfect. I'm thrilled with my publications and medical research sections. Your assistance has been amazing and your service process is so simple!”

— A.S., Physician