Networking Basics

Networking is a way to meet people and make new friends. Start conversations by finding common interests and using questions to building engaging conversations.

We tend to have a fear of rejection, concerns about being taken advantage of, and sometimes self-worth issues—all barriers to networking. Ways to break the barriers can be:

  • Consider type of people you want to meet and where they might hang out. Then go to those places and start conversations.

  • Attend an event with the goal to meet one new person. Prepare by having a conversation starter—topic that is of interest to you such as sports, books, movies, or hobbies.

  • Listen to others. Engage in a conversation without monopolizing the discussion. Respect differing opinions and experiences.

  • Consider how interactions make you feel—are you happy talking with only one person or do you like to share information with several people?

  • Ask questions to start conversations. Inquire about recommendations for events to attend, business books, or helpful podcasts.

Networking is about meeting people, having courage, and preparing.