Job Search Mistakes

Not many professionals intend to hurt their job search efforts. However, sometimes professionals make the following job search mistakes:

  • Using a sloppy résumé that has spelling errors, lists only job duties, and does not provide accurate contact information.

  • Applying to jobs online using a résumé that is not applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly.

  • Applying to jobs where skills, education, and experience do not meet job requirements.

  • Depending only on job board applications to secure interviews.

  • Believing that networking is telling people you are looking for work and asking if they know of a job opening.

  • Forgetting to set up a phone voicemail allowing callers to leave a message. Keeping a full voice mailbox preventing callers from leaving a message.

  • Using a phone greeting message that is difficult to understand, rude, or has a young child giving the greeting.

  • Showing up late to an interview.

  • Acting rude during an interview or when meeting the receptionist.

  • Forgetting to bring a hard copy of the resume to the interview.

  • Dressing inappropriately for an interview.

  • Forgetting to research the company.

  • Not listening during an interview and stating irrelevant answers to questions.

  • Using your phone to check text messages, email, or other apps during an interview.

  • During the interview, not asking any questions.

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