Career Boosting Tips

It’s important to take time to make career decisions. Consider a few of the following options to advance your career.

•  Take some time to review your career. Are you happy? Are you learning? Do you still enjoy what you do? Is it time to make a career change? Or maybe learn new skills?

•  Stop avoiding tough conversations. When needed, meet with a colleague or a boss, ask for their perspective, provide some of your insights, and then develop a plan to move forward.

•  Take time to reconnect with people. Arrange a coffee or lunch meeting without an agenda—take time to be present with the person.

•  Compare your job responsibilities and salary with similar positions at other organizations. Are there skills you may want to increase? Are there salary discrepancies that should be addressed?  

•  Join associations or taking some training to gain new skills. Prepare for your next career move now and not when an opening is announced.

•  Review feedback from colleagues using their perspectives to become better at what you do. Gather the teachable nuggets other people provide and use them to your advantage.

•  During times of chaos, there can be opportunities. Some professionals boost their career by taking on a mess and creating a positive difference.