Networking Tips


Prior to attending a networking event, consider your introduction. What will you say? Will you be sharing too much or too little information? 

Don’t go overboard when it’s your turn to introduce yourself–nobody needs to hear your life story at that moment. Two or three sentences will provide enough information. Consider adding an interesting statement to engage other people such as a hobby or an event you recently attended.


Start engagements with a positive attitude. If you’re naturally shy, it can be helpful to have an introduction topic to start a discussion. When introducing yourself, state your name clearly and remember other people’s names too.

Maintain a positive mindset while at the event. Keep open to the possibility of meeting someone great and focus on people, not your agenda. 

Strong connections start by being open to meeting people and listening. If you continuously check or use your phone, you will appear unapproachable.  


Follow up with people you met. If you said you would send someone information, be sure to send it to them. Consider connecting with people using LinkedIn or another platform.  

Networking can be a fun way to connect with others. Nerves, lack of preparation, focusing on selfish goals, and other obstacles can derail connections. If you could use some assistance preparing for a networking event, contact me.