LinkedIn Profile

In January I completed a LinkedIn certification class, reminding me of the many ways LinkedIn can support career goals. For example, if you want to attract recruiters to your profile, then start by optimizing the profile content and adjusting a few settings.

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn can boost your online persona based on the actions you take. Many of my clients start a LinkedIn profile and then ask me what to do next. My response depends on the reason the client has a LinkedIn profile.

Optimizing a Profile

Start with the basics by understanding LinkedIn profile parameters. LinkedIn limits the characters in each profile section. The character count includes letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation. Some profile character limitations are:

Headline (title)–120 characters

Summary–2,000 characters

Recommendations–3,000 characters

Vanity URL–30 characters

The first 250 characters of the summary section are important because recruiters and other professionals will review that text. Then enhance the profile with a summary that showcases your value, contribution, and skills. 

Summary content can include professional contributions, affiliations, and other information that conveys your value. If hobbies contribute to your professional story—maybe you traveled the world or are fluent in five languages—then include it.

The profile summary tone and content will have an impact on readers, so it is important to consider your profile readers and your professional goals.

Complete Profile Content

Similar to an applicant tracking software (ATS), LinkedIn engines use keywords and phrases to make virtual connections. It is important to add content to several profile sections to create a complete profile.

LinkedIn can be used to help with career goals like building a network of peers or establishing new connections within a specific industry. 

Use the Tool

LinkedIn is a social media tool. There are benefits to joining and participating in LinkedIn groups. If you want to be active on LinkedIn, then share professional articles, contribute helpful comments, and add photos or videos to generate visibility and to connect with people.  

There are many reasons to join LinkedIn, and while LinkedIn offers a variety of opportunities, it is not vital to career success or progression. 

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