Cover Letter Power

Hiring managers read cover letters to learn about candidates. That is why it is important to write a compelling cover letter to accompany a resume to showcase your unique talents.

Start Strong

Address the letter to a person who has hiring authority or is part of the selection team. When possible, avoid using “To Whom It May Concern” because that tells the reader that you may not have researched the company. 

The cover letter opening paragraph should be focused on the employer and their need. If a cover letter starts by stating your need to be employed, the reader may wonder if you care about the organization.  

Provide Examples

A cover letter provides an opportunity to expand on information, highlight talents, and present examples of contributions similar to the job need. When possible, include quantitative information and details. Tell the employer why you are excited to work for them. Show genuine interest in the organization and the job. 

Relocation Considerations

Conducting a nationwide or global job search can be supported within the cover letter content by informing the employer that you are open to relocating opportunities

Cover Letter Checklist

¨ Have the cover letter match the resume format for a unified professional presentation.

¨ Verify accurate contact information that is NOT in a header section or a text box.

¨ Clearly state the job you are applying for and the organization’s name.

¨ Demonstrates knowledge of the organization by including a statement that is relevant to the employer.

¨ Explain why you are excited about the position and how you can help by highlighting your skills that match the employer’s needs.

¨ Ends the letter professionally using terms such as “Sincerely” or “Respectfully.”

¨ Most cover letters are one page unless the job requests specific information that exceeds the one-page norm.


If you want help creating a professional cover letter, contact meand we can discuss your project.