Interview Tips

Several of my clients are interviewing this month. The following are a few helpful interview tips:

Understand what issue(s) the hiring manager wants the new hire to fix

There’s a job opening for a reason. What challenges has the manager experienced and how will the employee in the position either solve the issue or develop a solution? Understanding a hiring manager’s perspective can help with interview preparation, crafting strategic answers, and uncovering expectations and potential responsibilities.

Have an engaging conversation, not just a quick question and answer session

It’s common to be nervous during an interview. By focusing and listening to questions during the interview—instead of mentally thinking about what to say while the person is still asking the question—you can respond in a way that is thorough, honest, and succinct. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions to avoid wrong assumptions.

“Do you have any questions for me?” does not mean the interview is done

Unprepared candidates will fail by stating that they don’t have any questions. Instead, use the opportunity to learn more about the position by asking questions like:

•  What were some ways previous employees succeeded in the role?

•  How are results be measured?

•  What are 1-2 key initiatives the team is focused on this year?

Show interest in the position and the organization by asking questions that reflect your interest and knowledge about the job.

Lifelong learning and curiosity

Many hiring managers have told me that formal education is less important than an employee’s demonstrated interest and aptitude for learning. During the interview, express that you are willing to learn by mentioning interests, discussing training, and talking about education opportunities to support the team objectives and company focus.

Thank You

After the interview it’s important to send a thoughtful thank-you note. Many employers notice when candidates skip this step, so be sure to thank the hiring team to create a good impression. Job offers are typically the result of being prepared, taking time to research an organization, and putting in the effort to prepare for the interview.

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