Salary Negotiation Tips

It can be tough to negotiate. Over-eagerness and desperation are easy to see. And the desired outcome won’t happen if you fixate on issues. To create a win-win outcome, be proactive and potentially willing to take risks.

Start with Facts

Negotiations won’t work if you try to influence based on opinion or beliefs. Instead, gather details and data. If the negotiations are regarding compensation, gather quantifiable information on how your contributions positively impacted the organization to grow revenue or save costs or improve productivity.

Details and data provide proof to support your goal.

Why You

By providing unique talents, offering coveted skills, or having an exclusive solution, there is a reason to support why to negotiate with you.

It can be a challenge to negotiate if there are other viable options.

Concise Communication

Practice what you want to say before going into negotiations. What are you willing to accept and what is not acceptable? How will information be presented to share your perspective? Conversations can quickly derail into another topic, so consider the ways you will discuss the subject and how to maintain the focus.

Presenting a reasonable request starts by communicating a clear message and supporting evidence.

There are a variety of ways to use negotiation skills, so if they are not a strength consider taking a class or workshop. If you’re in need of salary negotiation preparation, contact me, and we can discuss options.